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Webinars in 2017

Basic Feng Shui – April 6 until 27

Chinese Astrology – May 4 until 25

New Feng Shui Webinar for beginners
Do you have the feeling you are stuck in your life? Do you have the feeling the level of energy in your home could be higher? Then maybe this Feng Shui Course is something for you. I will show you how to raise the energy levels for you, your home and ultimately for your life.
This Feng Shui Webinar Basic Feng Shui is a 4 weeks course with all you need to know to start creating a harmonious home and life … for 4 Thursday mornings at 9.30am online via Zoom.
Module 1 – Feng Shui, Chi, Yin & Yang
Module 2 – About Yin & Yang and the 5 Elements
Module 3 – The Bagua and your Floor Plan
Module 4 – The Rooms of your Home
You will get heaps of new ideas and the tools to put them into practise to harmonise, balance and create the home you always wanted. Inside and outside. First in theory and then with your floor plan.
You can visit from anywhere in New Zealand or Australia or …
If you should miss one class, a recording will be made available for you. How about that? Contact me for more information and I am happy to answer your questions. Let me know how I can help. Investment: $180

New Chinese Astology Webinar for beginners
Feng Shui Webinar Chinese Astrology is a 4 weeks course, but you can choose one Module over another. Maybe you only want to have some brief information, or you want to know more … or during the Astrology I you realise you would love to know more about it. You can book from week to week. Like the Basic Feng Shui Course this one is online, every Thursday morning in March and in May.
Here some more information about the different levels:
Feng Shui Astrology I – with basic knowledge about Chinese Astrology, (1h, $60)
Feng Shui Astrology II – you will receive your personal Chinese Birth Horoscope and I will teach you how to read it (1,5h, $120)
Feng Shui Astrology IIb – understanding your Child’s nature – Your child’s personal Chinese Birth Horoscope and how to read it (1,5h, $80, $30 for any further child, Feng Shui Astrology II required)
Feng Shui Astrology III – I teach you how to create Chinese Birth Horoscopes for clients (3h, $280) (Astrology II and Basic Feng Shui required)
Does that sound like something for you? Then let me know and we can have a chat about the details. You will see your path in life with different eyes and have a different view on things that happened in your past.

INDIVIDUAL FENG SHUI WORKSHOPS for Beginners or Advanced starting whenever you are ready NOW
Book your individual classes, flexible from month to month, choose the topics you are most interested in. For more information about the topics look under ‘Workshops’, more information about the prices look under ‘Rates’ and feel free to contact me. Arohanui, Sandra

News from Meditation Tauranga
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